Top 3 scientific discoveries made in 2016

Every year scientists make new scientific discoveries and inventions. Research papers are published every year. Here are the top scientific discoveries made this year.

3Stem Cells Injected Into patients who had stroke can make the patient walk again

This discovery was made at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Modified human stem cells were injected directly into the brains of many chronic stroke patients. The experiment was successful with no negative side effects. After this procedure, patients who were on wheelchair were able to walk again.

Carbon Dioxide can be turned into a solid stone by pumping it into the ground

Capturing carbon is an important part of maintaining the balance of CO2 emissions. When fuels burn, the CO2 stored inside is released into the atmosphere and causes negatives on the environment. Scientists in Iceland have discovered a way to capture the carbon emission so that it is not released into the air and so cannot cause the harmful greenhouse effect.

Earth has a second moon

NASA scientists found an asteroid that is in stable Earth orbit. It can be compared to a second satellite. Many objects orbit the earth, including space stations, satellites, etc. All these times we knew that the earth has only one moon. Now scientists have assured presence of a second moon 2016HO3.

All these are huge inventions that will change people’s life forever. It will also change the environment we live in. It is expected that scientists will make more discoveries in future to make human lives better.

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