Science is for everyone. The kids, teenagers and adults everyone can learn about science. There are lots of resources available online that help people to know different science related things. You can look at the following resources to enrich your knowledge about science.

STEM Learning

These are science resource packages that are helpful for teachers in planning science lessons for young students. The resources are categorised into area and year group. It also includes lots of opportunities for scientific work. These packages provide tips for teachers, offer suggestions, highlight the common misconceptions, and more.

School Science

This is a free website dedicated to learning and teaching science. This site is sponsored by industrial and research partners who offer free online science resources for students and teachers. You will find science-related topics for primary to college students.

Live Science

It is a site that publishes science news. You will find the news about latest discoveries in various fields of science including technology, health, space, animals, etc.

National Science Foundation

It was created to promote the advancement of science. It supports basic research and people for creating knowledge that changes the future.They have an annual budget of $7.5 billion this year for funding basic scientific research projects that are conducted by the American colleges and universities. It mainly funds projects in mathematics, social sciences and computer science.

It is a major web-based science, technology and research news service that covers various topics including earth science, physics, nanotechnology, medicine, biology, electronics, chemistry, space, etc. It publishes more than 100 articles daily.

These resources will help you to know about the latest developments in the field of science. You should visit these sites often to keep yourself updated with the latest science related news.